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Web Hosting and Domain Names
Internet has become almost an indispensable thing for the people of the world. Internet is a unique gift given to us by science and technology. Internet has brought the world much closer to the people. With the help of internet you can now contact a person sitting in another continent within seconds. With a single click on the mouse people are now doing their banking operations, paying money to people and even buying things from stores and shopping malls. The days of going to banks and shopping malls are gone. Apart from that you can also get information about things going on in different parts of the world through internet, read some interesting articles and play some games by clicking on some websites.
But have you ever thought how these thing have become possible. Who or what are offering these services to you. Perhaps not. But there are several companies or bodies that are offering theses services named web hosting and domain names services that are facilitating you to do whatever you like on the internet.
Web hosting and domain names registration are most important parts of internet hosting service that helps in the operation of the web server. However, speaking about web hosting and domain names it must be mentioned here that web hosting and domain names registration are different from each other as far as servicing is concerned. While web hosting refers to the us of the technology for operating and controlling to web server, domain names registration refers to registration of the names of new websites that are being launched by different companies, institutions, individuals and government departments.
Both web hosting and domain names registration are very vital services as lot of things depend on them. While web hosting service facilitate users to work on the server by using the web serving technology, domain name registration is very much essential for companies, institutions, government departments, and individuals. Domain names registration is service that not only registers the names of the websites being launched but also look after the security part. Besides Domain names registration also include providing technical support and back up services to the companies that are launching their websites.
Speaking about web hosting and domain names it must be mentioned here that there are different types of web hosting services. Some of the web hosting services are known as fully dedicated web hosting services and some are known as limited web hosting services,. Similarly domain names registration also includes several types of services. Domain names registration service is known as Domain Names Systems or DNS hosting service and is run on DNS servers. There are several DNS registrars that provide DNS service free of cost. Besides services like shared DNS service and third party DNS service known as Dynamic DNS are also applicable.
At present there are several such companies that are offering different types of web hosting and domain names registration services to people and the way the number of websites are increasing day by day more and more domain names registrars and web hosting service providers are likely to come up.
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