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Reseller Hosting
Over the last few years, the concept of web hosting has become the headlines mainly because of its impact over the World Wide Web. With the proper implementation of these web hosting services, a large number of small scale as well as medium scale enterprises can really make it very big to the global scenario. There are large varieties in which these web hosting services are known to be available in the market. The most common form of this web hosting service is undoubtedly the corporate and business hosting. However, Reseller Hosting is also gaining in popularity over the days.
This is mainly due to the fact that a large umber of add on amenities are made available with this particular form of Reseller hosting that is found to be in large need in the present day market. Some of the most commonly found privileges that come along with this Reseller Hosting are elucidated below:
4 GB of web space
40 GB monthly bandwidth
unlimited domains
unlimited sub domains
unlimited email accounts
unlimited FTP accounts
Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
Server Side Includes
Private CGI-BIN
Compatibility with ASP.NET (1 and 2)
Compatibility with ASP
Compatibility with PHP (4 and 5)
Compatibility with PERL
There are some particular web hosting plans that cost merely 25 UDS’s pr month but the added amenities that are known to be made available with such an offer are much more than their normal counterparts. Some of the extra advantages of these offers are shown below:
8 GB of web space
80 GB monthly bandwidth
unlimited domains
unlimited FTP accounts
unlimited mySQL databases
unlimited email accounts
These above mentioned add on amenities have made this particular package of web hosting extremely popular among the companies. The unlimited email account features have made sure that all the employees of a particular company have a separate email id of their own in the name of the company. This also helps these employees to become accessible to their clients while representing their company over the internet with the help of electronic mails. Another popular reseller hosting plan comes just at the mere cost of $35 per month. The facilities that are made available in this particular package by the hosting company to their client line happens to be much more than the other ones. Some of the most important characteristics of Reseller Hosting package are discussed below:
12 GB of web space
120 GB monthly bandwidthr
unlimited domains
unlimited FTP accounts
unlimited mySQL databases
unlimited email accounts
Even some more attractive packages in which these reseller web hosting ideas can be implemented are available in the market. A very popular package, though the most expensive of the lot in this particular domain is known to offer even 16 Gigabyte of web space with 160 Gigabytes of Bandwidth as available on a monthly basis. Even unlimited domains are can be achieved with the help of this reseller hosting plan. Know more about the Types of Web Hosting Services as webhosting.ucoz.com offers information about Reseller Hosting.
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