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Shared Web Hosting Service
Working on the internet is a very interesting thing for people throughout the world nowadays. Internet can be said to be one of the greatest gift of technology and science to mankind. with the help of internet you can do lot of things. You can contact with your friends sitting in other corners of the world through internet, can get information about things happening around you, get to know about lot of things that were unknown to you by browsing several websites, see pictures, movies, listen to songs and musics and play games when you are feeling bored. Apart from that you can also do your banking works sitting on the internet with the help of the technology named online banking and even buy things from shopping malls and stores through online shopping.
But have you ever though how these things work? How does a website help you to know about a things, how does a website help you to do your banking operations or how is it possible to buy things through internet. Perhaps not. But just like all other things there are little things that operate the websites on the servers and this operation of the websites on the webs server is known web hosting service. There are different types of web hosting services and one of the most important among all is shared web hosting service.
Speaking about shared web hosting service first of all it has to be mentioned that it is a service or mechanism that allows individuals, organizations, institutions or government departments to operate their own website. It is due to shared web hosting service that the owners or the clients gets access to their own website through World Wide Web (www). People and organizations are allowed to do things like updating information and visuals on the website, adding or deleting content and data and changing the URL of the site.
The reason why the service is known as shared web hosting service is that the website shares its space in the server with thousands of other websites operated by other companies or individuals. Shared web hosting services are offered by several organizations and they are known as web hosts. Different types of shared web hosting services are offered by these organizations and some services are even free of cost. It must be mentioned here that shared web hosting service is also called virtual web hosting service and it is the most economical option for individuals or organizations that are planning to launch an website of their own. This is because the overall maintenance cost of the web server is shared between the thousands of organizations who operate their website on it.
Speaking about shared web hosting service, one must mention that in case of such services the responsibilities of web hosts include management of servers, installation of security for the websites, installation of required softwares, providing security services. Different types of control panel products are used for offering such services. Generally Helm, Ensim, Sphera, InterWorx, cPanel, Plesk and Direct Admin are used by the web hosts that offer shared web hosting services.
To know more about types of web hosting services, keep browsing through the website.
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