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Types of Web Hosting Services
While working on the internet we browse through hundreds of websites. We go through some of the websites to get important information related to our works and we click on to some of the sites to get entertainment stuffs like pictures, songs and games. There are millions of websites that offer wide variety of stuffs to people. Some are even offering services like online banking and shopping too and are making life simpler for people. Apart from that there are several websites that are offering information about things that are going on all corners of the world. So in a nutshell, internet and these websites have become almost indispensable things for us.
But we never think how these websites work? We never think of the ultramodern technology that is being used for the portion of the websites. We are not concerned about the service which is making these things possible for us and this service is known as web hosting service. Different types of web hosting services are applied for the smooth operation of the websites that we go through everyday.
Speaking about types of web hosting services, first of all we must mention what web hosting service. Web hosting service refers to a part of internet hosting service that allow organizations, institutions, government departments to provide data and information on their own websites. Web hosting service is that service or mechanism that helps organization and individuals to access their websites through World Wide Web (www). There are several organizations throughout the world that offer web hosting services and are known as web hosts. Without the help of the web hosts it wouldn't have been possible for organizations and people to do things like adding or deleting contents or document, updating data and information, adding pictures and so on. Apart from that web hosting service providers also provides data center space in the server and internet connectivity for servers that are not located in the data center.
Speaking about types of web hosting services, it must also be mentioned here that all types of web hosting service providers are capable of running web servers. In case of some of the web hosting services, a server focuses on only one website and allow the clients of the website to do anything. This type of service is known as dedicated web hosting service. At present Some of the web hosts are offering dedicated service free of cost and some are advertisement-based and are known as paid hosting. On the other hand when a website shares its space in the server along with hundreds of other websites it is called shared web hosting service. Both shared web hosting services and dedicated web hosting services are important types of web hosting services, but apart from that other types of web hosting services that are applied worldwide are green web hosting, VPS hosting, budget web hosting, reseller web hosting and SSH hosting.
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