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Over the, years, hosting websites for the World Wide Web has become an important activity as well as a profitable business. A large number of companies are now known to have entered into this particular domain of hosting websites for the web. However, the basic matter of the fact still remains the fact that only some of these large numbers of companies have really been able to make it big for themselves when talking about this particular domain and majority of the others have just faded away. When it comes to competing with the big names in the likes of Google.com and Yahoo.com in this particular domain of web hosting, a large number of companies are known to have just faded away.
Only a few companies have been able to save themselves form making this web hosting market a monopoly one. A notable company that has been successfully able with the two abovementioned hosting giants and at the very same time been able to create a separate niche for itself in this domain is Lunarpages.
This corporate house has a diversified array of business activities, all of which are known to revolve around the World Wide Web. However, the primary business with which Lunar Pages is known to be associated still remains to be hosting websites for a large number of their clients. Over the years, Lunarpages have been more than successful in their so called hosting services. Just like other big corporate houses in the very same domain, Lunarpages also offers a large number of hosting services ranging from basic web hosting to business web hosting. Even Windows Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Linux virtual private servers, Windows virtual private servers and not to forget, reseller hosting businesses are also carried out by Lunarpages. The most sought after plan of this particular web hosting giant till date still remains to be the annual hosting in which they offer it offers a free domain for life time, just for an additional registration fee of $9.95. One of the voluntary aspects of this company also involves providing free web hosting services and their allied solutions for the schools.
The education program that is conducted by this company is known for providing free web hosting service to all the K-12 public schools of America. The business hosting segment of Lunarpages comes with an attractive package of 4 free domain names, as per the wish of their client line. The storage capacities that are provided with this particular package also happen to be unlimited. The 24*7 support and troubleshooting service of this company deserves a special mention in this particular regard. All the portals that are hosted by Lunarpages are found to be ready for immediate E-commerce. Some of the additional facilities that are provided with this corporate package of Lunarpages include the likes of the availability of blogs, discussion forums and photo galleries. Lastly, a free additional Internet Protocol is also made available with this corporate package of Lunar Pages. Know more about the Lunarpages as webhosting.ucoz.com offers information about the Top Web Hosting Sites.
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