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Dedicated Web Hosting
While surfing the internet we browse through hundreds of websites because they offer us a lot. We go through some of the websites to collect information and click on to some to get different types of entertainment stuffs like musics, songs, movies, movie clips, online games and much more. Apart from there are several websites that offer us facilities like online banking and online shopping. For their such unique facilities and services, these website are slowly becoming integral part of our life. But we never think how these websites work like that.
We never think of the ultramodern technologies and technical things that are making life so much simple and entertaining for us. Do we? Perhaps not. But there is something that allows us to do things we like in the websites and it is known as web hosting service. Web hosting services are of several types and dedicated web hosting service is one of the most widely offered services among all.
Speaking about dedicated web hosting service first of all we must explain what web hosting service actually is. Web hosting service refers to the service that allows individuals or organizations, institutions and government departments to operate their own website. Web hosting service is the mechanism that helps people or organizations to access their websites through World Wide Web (www). Through web hosting service people are allowed to do things like adding or deleting contents from websites, updating information or images and changing the URL. Apart from that web hosting service is the service which includes providing technical support, uninterrupted power supply, back up, installation of required software and securities to the organizations or individuals who are using the web server for their websites.
As said earlier, dedicated web hosting service is one kind of web hosting service but its main difference with shared web hosting service is that in case of dedicated web hosting service the web server provides service to only one website. Unlike shared web hosting service, the space in the server is not shared by large number of websites. The server is totally dedicated towards one website only. In case of dedicated web hosting service, an organization or a group of people take an web server for lease and have the entire control of the server in their hand. However it has to be mentioned here that there is one disadvantage of using dedicated web hosting service and that it is not as economical as shared web hosting service as one organization or group of individual has to bear total maintenance cost of the server.
To know more about types of web hosting services, browse through the website.
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