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Hosting Uptime
Those who are accustomed to computers are all aware of what websites are. In the contemporary time, when more than 40% of the world population possess their own personal computers and spends at least three to four hours in front of the computer, will be able to realize the importance of web hosting. Since people from all corners of the world look at the internet and browse through the websites during their leisure, it is quite obvious that the websites must remain live and active 24 hours a day.
It is a common notion that the popularity and its traffic count depends a lot on the Hosting Uptime. As the people from different corners of the world have their different time of checking the websites, the sites are to be available all the time.
The web hosting companies of the world try to make the websites dependable so that the users can count on them at any point of time. Hosting Uptime is very important as it decides the future fate of the websites. In this fast paced world when we seek out the easiest way to get information and communicate with our counterparts, the percentage of time the host is accessible through internet is an important concern. Most of the websites nowadays claim to provide 99.9% uptime, which also states that until and unless the server stops functioning, they will continue to be accessible. In this competitive epoch, where more and more websites are flooding the internet, it is essential to maintain the Hosting Uptime of the sites.
If you have an overview of Web Hosting, you can infer that the hosting providers try their utmost in making the websites more accessible by the users. Although there are various factors that affect the Hosting Uptime of the websites, yet certain preventive measures are to be taken. It is a common practice of the host nowadays to post a history of their uptime performance if they have recorded an applauding uptime performance. Their uptime performance is further monitored by certain other parties like, Alertra or InternetSeer. These agents perform an essential role in saving the hosts from becoming null and void. The hosts depend a lot on these agents in order to remain in the spotlight of the users.
Many monitoring agents are being resorted to by the host company and they are using this system which constantly monitors the site's uptime and offers instant notification when your web site becomes unresponsive. Since most of us do not bank on the authenticity of the advertised uptime it is felt essential to have some agents who will monitor on the responsiveness of the site. Hosting Uptime is rarely hampered if the web hosts are operated on more than one data line to the internet. The reliability of the hosting uptime depends also on the data line. Since the importance of consistent Hosting Uptime is felt by the hosts, various other technologies are being utilized to increase the efficiency of these sites.
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