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Internet Hosting Services
Nowadays internet has become an integral part of our life. Thanks to the rapid progress of science and technology, internet has made life very easy for people. We don't need to buy newspapers or switch on to television screen for reading or watching news bulletins because internet is there for proving us that service. Concept of e-mail has posed serious threat to the manual postal service3. Even we don't need to manage time to go to the shopping malls for buying things, we do it by clicking on specific websites. But we never think of the people or the companies that are providing this internet hosting service to us. But internet hosting services is one of the most challenging profession these days.
Speaking about internet hosting services, first of all we must mention what it means. Internet hosting service refers to the service of running web servers that allow people and organizations to serve written or typed documents and contents on the internet. There are large number of companies that provide internet hosting service facilitating large number of people and organizations in getting closer to the rest of the world.
There are different levels of providing internet hosting services and organizations are now offering different types of services. Web hosting is one of the most common forms of internet hosting services and is the easiest service to offer. Web hosting service include services like DNS hosting services and e-mail hosting services. Speaking about web hosting service one must mention about Web.com holds the patent rights of using the hosting technology and this has lead to some controversies in the recent times. However, Hostopia, one of the leading wholesale hosts has now purchased the right of sharing the technology with Web.com by paying 10 per cent revenues to it. Generic is a more powerful internet hosting service which allows it clients to run web and all other servers.
Apart from these there are several other types of internet housing services that are making things easier for people all over the world. Some of the internet hosting services are classified under fully featured hosting services and some services are known as limited or application-specific internet hosting services. Fully featured internet housing service refers to dedicated internet hosting services or managed hosting services. In case of fully featured internet hosting service the service provider owns the server and controls it according to the need of the clients. Owning and controlling the server includes various other services like monitoring of the server to make sure that that the server is working continuously and effectively, providing back up services, installation of securities and providing all kinds of technical support.
Providing service through a virtual private server is also one kind of fully featured internet hosting service. In case of a virtual server, virtualization technology is used for allowing multiple logical servers to operate a single physical server.
Colocation service is also a part of fully featured internet hosting service. In case of Colocation service just an internet connection is offered with uninterrupted supply of power and climate controlling facility.
Services that come under the head of limited or application-specific internet hosting services are: E-mail hosting service
Web hosting service
DNS hosting service
Game servers
Wiki farms
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